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      Healthy Eating


      School meals cooked on the premises are available each day.

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      Paying for School Dinners

      If you would like your child to have a school dinner, we would expect that the dinners will be paid for in full on the Friday of that same week.

      For example, if your child has a school dinner on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the full balance will need to be paid for in full on that Friday of the same week.

      Dinner money should not be sent in on any other day of the week.

      Alternatively, dinners can be paid for in advance, by sending in the full balance on Friday for dinners to be taken the following week.

      School dinners are charged at £2 for every day that your child has a school dinner or £10 for the full week.

      Money will only be accepted if it is in an envelope clearly marked with your child's name, year group, days that your child has had (or will have) a school meal on and the total amount of money included.

      Children must not be sent with loose money.

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      Application forms for free school meals are available here. If you would like guidance on how to fill in your application, please ask in the school office where a member of staff will be happy to assist you.


      Facilities are available for packed lunches brought from home to be eaten under supervision.

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      Foundation Phase

      Snacks cost £1.50 per week. Please ensure that all money is sent in an envelope on a Monday morning clearly marked with the child’s name.

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      Key Stage 2

      Healthy snacks are available for purchase each break for five days a week. As we are working towards attaining Healthy School status Level 6, healthy snacks will be available all week. A selection of fresh fruit and/or vegetables is on sale at a cost of £1.50 per week.

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      Please make sure that it is sent in an envelope, clearly labelled with your child's name, on a Monday morning, as snack is managed by monitors from each class and will only be given out once money has been received.

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      If you are bringing snack from home, all children are asked to bring a healthy snack which is deemed to be fresh produce only, not packaged or processed foods such as cereal bars, cheese strings or yoghurt drinks.

      Please ensure that your child has their water bottle in school every day. Water bottles can be brought in from home or they are available to buy from school at a cost of £1.

      ALL children are encouraged to bring a bottle of unflavoured still water to drink during the school day, and will be allowed access to it at specified times during sessions.