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NOTE: Dates are provisional. Check our Twitter feed for notice of any late changes.

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      Timetable for clubs

      This timetable will show what clubs are taking place on each day and who each club is open to. Some clubs are limited in the number of children who can sign up, so check with the member of staff running the club if you are interested in joining.

      Day Club Time Open to? Staff responsible
      Monday KS2 Basketball 3.15pm-4.15pm Years 3 to 6 Lewis Cox
      Tuesday Eco Club 12.20pm-12.55pm Open to all Mrs Kirkham and Mrs C. Jones
      Tuesday Cymraeg Campus 12.30pm-12.55pm Invited class representatives Mrs Eastman and Mrs Hughes
      Tuesday Cheerleading (STARTS JAN 2019) 3.15pm-4.15pm Years 5 and 6 Ms Kennedy and Miss Allen
      Wednesday Library Club 12.30pm-12.55pm Years 3 to 6 Mrs Wyatt
      Thursday Science Club 12.30pm-12.55pm Years 5 and 6 Mrs Croft and Mrs Garland
      Thursday Year 3 Maths Club 3.15pm-4pm Invited Year 3 Miss Griffiths
      Thursday School Council 3.15pm-4pm Elected school councillors Mrs Griffiths
      Thursday Lower KS2 Football 3.15pm-4.15pm Years 3 and 4 Mr Dando
      Thursday Upper KS2 Football 3.15pm-4.15pm Years 5 and 6 Lewis Cox

      If you are interested in joining any of the clubs please speak to the member of staff responsible. Many clubs have limited spaces and may work on a rota basis. It is understood that if the weather is too wet or unsettled, outdoor clubs will be cancelled and the children picked up at the usual home time.

      Via our @BrynGwalia Twitter feed, a message will be posted to parents/guardian if there are any changes to sessions or cancellations due to bad weather etc.

      The school also has a Fun Club which runs every day after school until 5:30pm. See our Fun Club page for more details and costs.