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      Welcome to Year 1

      In this first year of the Foundation Phase, we aim to build upon all previous learning experiences.

      - Miss L. Allen.

      Our topic this term is...


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      In Blwyddyn 1, we have started our Weather topic by finding out what we already know! We already know lots of different types of weather and we have decided that we are really interested in rainbows, thunderstorms and snow!

      We are now busy writing questions about the weather and we are looking forward to finding out the answers throughout this topic.

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      Year 1 have been exploring our Forest School and looking at what we need to wear when we go down to the forest. We have been appreciating the mostly mild weather, although we have still enjoyed drinking hot chocolate to keep warm whilst sharing a story around the log circle.

      We have made a rain gauge so we can find out how much rain falls at our school each day. We are checking it every day and recording our data.

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