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      Welcome to Year 2

      In this final year of the Foundation Phase, we aim to build upon all previous learning experiences, knowledge and skills, to ensure that all children are well prepared, curious and enthusiastic about the transition to Key Stage 2 and a future of life long learning.

      - Miss N. Griffiths.

      Our topic this term is...


      Year 2 children are already busy at word discussing what they already know and what they would like to find out about our topic of Weather. We had some interesting conversations about why certain phenonomena happen. Did you know it rains because the clouds are too heavy? The stars are people that have died and gone to heaven. Clouds are made by big waves.


      We have painted ourselves by mixing paints together.


      We have been talking about the clothes we need to wear when visiting the forest so we are warm and dry during the winter months.


      We have written letters to our parents asking for forest school clothes to be brought into school so we will be warm and dry when visiting the forest during Autumn and Winter.


      We have used the ipad to predict the weather in Mold and other places in Wales amongst other exciting things.