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      E-learning and Digital LIFE

      At Ysgol Bryn Gwalia we recognise the importance of developing our children's ICT skills to enable them to live in an increasingly advancing technological world. We strive to provide pupils with a range of digital equipment and experiences and as a result, we are currently installing a wireless network and have recently purchased iPads, in order to enhance the curriculum. The iPads will become a digital tool used to engage and inspire children to be creative and independent learners.

      We are also part of the Digital LIFE Wales programme and are currently in the process of transforming our classrooms, fiction and non-fiction libraries into digital learning zones.

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      We also have appointed 8 ‘Digital Wizards’ from Years 5 & 6, who are being trained in various aspects of ICT and who will then pass their knowledge on to the other children in our school. See our Digital Wizards page for more information.

      Our vision at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia, is that our ‘Digital Wizards’ will be trained up in all aspects of ICT and will disperse their growing knowledge and expertise amongst ‘Digital Leaders’ from every year group across Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2. This experience will help us to prepare children for a future whereby digital technology is at the forefront.

      We are continually working extremely hard to become a Digital School. In doing so, we have reinvented our school website and have created a Twitter account @BrynGwalia, in order to be more informative and to reflect the Digital changes that we are making within our school for your children. We have taken the decision to further improve our means of communicating with parents and the community, by sharing newsletters and important forms and reminders digitally.

      As we are moving forward with the advancing technology and we believe that it is important to equip children with the necessary skills for the future, Key Stage 2 children have all been shown how to locate new letters on the Homepage of the Website under ‘Latest Updates’ section and again on the ‘Newsletters and Forms’ page found under the ‘About Us’ tab of the website. This is an opportunity for your children to teach you something!

      Click here to visit www.schoolbeat.org, a bilingual site providing information and resources for officers, teachers, pupils and parents, providing educational crime prevention information for all members of the community. This site also contains great information and games for children regarding staying safe online.

      Recommended Apps

      As we have started to use iPads in classes across the school, we have found that many children are already experts! With many children telling us that they have access to tablets at home, we feel it might be useful to share our list of useful apps for your children. These are a mix of apps that we use in school and apps that we think may be useful for children at home.

      General Apps

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      Allows you to create HD movies, news reports, Hollywood-style trailers and much more! Price: £2.99

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      This is similar to Microsoft Word but the Apple version. Price: £6.99

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      Apple's version of PowerPoint. Keynote names it simple to create and deliver presentations. Price: £6.99

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      Apple's version of Microsoft Excel. Numbers is great for creating spreadsheets, interactive charts and tables. Price: £6.99

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      Google Earth

      Google Earth lets you fly anywhere in the world to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain and even 3D buildings! Price: FREE

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      Book Creator

      A simple way to create interactive books including text, images, video clips and audio. Price: £2.99

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      Puppet Pals HD

      A fun and simple animation app which allows children to create cartoon characters and scenes. It is worth paying £1.99 for the Director's Pass version. Price: £1.99

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      GarageBand gives you everything you need to play, record and share music. Price: FREE

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      Popplet Lite

      Popplet is a mindmapping tool. Handy for Learning Log tasks in Key Stage 2! Price: FREE

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      Pic Collage

      Pic Collage allows you to create amazing collages with your photos. Price: FREE

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      Spell Bot

      Helps children to learning their spellings in a fun and engaging way. Price: FREE

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      Comic Life

      A fun app which allows you to create a real life comic with your photos and images. Price: £2.99

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      Hairy Letters

      Play games to reinforce letter formation and build letters into simple words and progress on to blends. Price: £1.99

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      Sling Note

      Pair a web browser and a notepad, or a calculator and a notepad, side by side! Price: £1.99

      Coding Apps

      Coding is an important skill for the modern day and at Bryn Gwalia, we are busy teaching children how to code! See below for apps we recommend for helping your child to learn to code.

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      A fantastic tool to teach directional language, sequencing and problem solving. Price: FREE

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      Daisy the Dinosaur

      Learn the basics of computer programming with an easy drag and drop interface that children of all ages can use to animate Daisy to dance across the screen. Price: FREE

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      Move the Turtle

      Move the Turtle teaches children the basics of coding and programming. Price: £1.99

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      Kodable offers a child-friendly introduction to programming concepts and problem solving. Price: FREE

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      Cato's Hike

      Cato finds himself in another world which doesn't follow the usual rules. He needs to write a program for himself to overcome all obstacles and learn something new along the way! Price: £2.99

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      Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game where you teach a robot how to move crates. Price: FREE

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      Program your characters to move, draw and collide with each other and use shaking, tilting or even shouting at the iPad to control them. Price: FREE