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      Digital Wizards

      We currently have 5 ‘Digital Wizards’ in Year 6 who are trained in various aspects of ICT and pass their knowledge on to the other children in our school.

      Our vision at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia is that our ‘Digital Wizards’ will be continually trained up in all aspects of ICT and then disperse their growing knowledge and expertise amongst ‘Digital Leaders’ from every year group across Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2. This experience helps to prepare children for a future whereby digital technology is at the forefront.

      Meet our Digital Wizards


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      In Digital Club we have been learning about Scratch. It is a programme where you create programmes, which include stories, games, puzzles, animations and art. Our teachers in Digital Club are Miss Coleman and Miss Allen. We will be going to different schools to tell other people about Scratch, and teaching other children in our school how to use Scratch. Each Digital Wizard has been given a iPad which is their responsibility all year. We have have learned to use the camera, notes and photo booth on the iPads and we will learn how to use many more apps. When the Year 6 Digital Wizards move up to high school, a new set of Digital Wizards will be chosen from Year 5 and so on. I hope the future wizards will enjoy their time!!!


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      In Digital Club we have been learning things on a programme called Scratch . So far it has been very exciting as we have been able to create lots of things such as games, animations, art and stories! We all love Scratch! What I expect from Scratch is to be able to talk to people about what I have been doing and also I want to be able to make complex projects. I made a animation about a man dancing and a game that involves a shark! We now have our own iPads! I had never used an iPad before, at home I have to teach my mum how to use a computer! I have learnt how to take pictures on the iPad and make videos and change my settings and how to write notes and...EVERYTHING!!!!!!


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      In Digital Club we have being learning things on a programme called Scratch. On Scratch you can make your own games, stories and animations. You can make your things move by using blocks like motion, sensing, looks, sounds, controls, pen and lots more. When our topic was Under the Sea we made a shark attack game where the shark has to eat 3 fish and there is one bonus fish and there is a baddy. My baddy is a starfish and my colour for my baddy is red round the outline and the colour in the middle is really really bright pink. I like being a Digital Wizard because I have got more confident using computers and the interactive whiteboard. Now in school we have iPads and the teachers have their own too.


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      In Digital Club we have been learning about computers and we have been on a programme called Scratch. On Scratch you can pick backgrounds of all types such as nature, indoors, outdoors and bedrooms. You can make your own games, stories, animations and make up your own actions. The most important bit of Scratch is motion and sounds because motion are the one what makes the characters move and sounds is making it say something. We have made a shark game and showed it in assembly. On iPads there is an app called reminders so you write things you need to remember and tick it when you have done it. The clock tells you the time in every country around the world.


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      I want to teach children how to use technology and I would like to learn new things. I have helped my sister to code on Hopscotch on the iPad. I think I am a quick learner when it comes to technology, and I also think I would be good at teaching my friends.

      Could you be the next Digital Wizard?

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      Very soon, the Digital Wizards will be launching their search to find three new members to join them.

      Think you've got what it takes? Check back soon for more details about their search!