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      We are delighted to be a part of the new scheme developed by eTreble9, Social Media Police, who have developed a unique peer-to-peer empowerment programme to help young people support their classmates with any social media or online gaming matters. Called the eCadet Scheme, it ensures eSafety runs throughout our school. We are committed to sharing the important messages about online safety.

      If you are interested in keeping up to date with these schemes, please follow @eTreble9 and @eCadets for next generation e-safety tips and advice.

      Meet our E-Cadets

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      Our eCadets will carry out tasks and work with their peers alongside the Social Media Police (run by Henry Platten, an ex detective with the police). We are honoured to have our children chosen to represent our school within this scheme. Each month, our eCadets will have a task to undertake.

      The eCadets' role also includes helping their peers with any social media questions or problems they may encounter. The eCadets can be asked any questions about social media that children at Bryn Gwalia are concerned about. The eCadets can then log in to their own account and can ask eTreble9 to provide an answer, before providing a reply for their peers.

      Got a question for the eCadets?

      If you are a pupil at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia and you've got a Social Media question or concern, complete the form below and an eCadet will get back to you with an answer in the next few days! Remember to include your name and class so they will know who has asked the question!

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